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Terms of use for the Site and Online Shop of Machon Nachlat Zvi /
 Machon Nachlat Zvi Publishing (hereinafter: “the Institute)”
A.         General           
1.         The use of the site is subject to the Terms of Use detailed hereunder.  Any user of the site expresses his consent, by means of such usage, that he acknowledges the Terms of Use of the site and all the conditions applying to use of the site and agrees thereto.  In light of the above, the user is requested to diligently read the Terms of Use.
These terms are drafted in the masculine gender for terms of convenience only; they are designated for men and women on an equal basis.       
B.         Use of the Site
1.         Any person over 18 years of age, who holds a valid credit card allotted by one of these companies: Visa Israel/International, MasterCard/Isracard, American Express (not including Diners), is entitled to purchase and/or register on the site.
C.         Ordering Merchandise and Payment Terms    
1.         Orders for merchandise through the site shall be made by creating a shopping cart and adding the various products to be purchased.  Receipt of an order by the online shop shall be made only after conclusion of the purchases on the site and final approval of the order.
2.         Until final approval of the order is received, you are entitled to revoke and cancel the order.
3.         Cancellation of an order after it has received final approval – may be made solely by telephone call to the service representatives of the Institute.          
4.         Payment may be made via credit card only.     
5.         The payment may be made in installments, without interest and linkage, in accordance with the scope of the purchase.        
6.         For each purchase made by the customer, he will receive the merchandise ordered as long as the transaction was not cancelled for any reason whatsoever.
(See hereunder the Section related to returns and cancellations)                  

7.         The database of customers of the Institute’s site is registered and certified by the Registrar of Databases in Israel.  Likewise, the Institute undertakes not to make any use of the customers’ details as registered on the site, except solely for operating purposes of the site.        
8.         The site conforms to the PIC-DSS regulations required to effect transactions as stated, and is secured through the most advanced worldwide technology.  The site has received approval of the worldwide
Pelecard Company to effect transfer of secure, encrypted data, using SSL technology which enables encryption of numbers and letters through complex symbols decipherable only by authorized entities.   
9.         All information on the site is stored on a designated, secure server owned by
Pelecard and secured by the leading database security system.       
10.       The Company’s servers are protected by the foremost anti-malware systems in Israel (against attempts of break-in, sabotage, overload, and operating malicious scripts, etc.), which are monitored 24 hours a day.     
11.       In the event of any breach of the site which caused illegal use of credit cards,
Pelecard is fully responsible and will compensate any losses.         
D.         Provision of Merchandise       
1.         Supply of merchandise purchased on the site shall be made in consideration for payment of delivery charges and in accordance with the dates of supply detailed at the time of selecting the shipping method.     
2.         The site is not liable for any delay caused by outside entities and/or matters beyond its control, or by the shipper.          
3.         The time of provision of merchandise relates to business days only (up to 14 days, not including Fridays, Shabbat and holidays).            
4.         Provision of the merchandise will be supplied “as is”. 
5.         Supply of the merchandise abroad will take up to 30 business days, not including Friday, Shabbat and holidays. The price for shipping may change from time to time, subject to the prices of the Israeli post office.
6.         In the event the Institute’s staff member in charge of shipping is out of the country, the shipping may be delayed an additional 14 days.

7. the shipping price is for Israel only, for any other country you need to contact us by email 
E.         Returns and Cancellations      
1.         A purchaser is entitled to cancel an order in accordance with the terms of the Consumer Protection Law 5741-1981 (hereinafter: “the Consumer Protection Law”).  
2.         Following is a brief description of the terms for cancellation (the full text can be found in the Consumer Protection Law; and they are compulsory):     
1)  Upon purchase of merchandise – from the date of placing the order and up to 14 days from receipt of merchandise;           
2)  Cancellation of the order shall be made in writing via fax (02-5825542) and/or via e-mail to
3)  Cancellation due to faulty merchandise:    
     In the event of cancellation due to faulty merchandise, the Institute, within 14 business days of receipt of notice of cancellation, will refund the portion of the price paid, will cancel the charge for the transaction and will not collect any cancellation fees whatsoever; in the event the merchandise has already reached its destination, the customer should first return the merchandise to the Institute and a credit will be issued forthwith.       
4) Cancellation unrelated to faulty merchandise:         
    In the event the cancellation is not due to faulty merchandise, the Institute will reimburse within 14 days of receipt of notice of cancellation that portion of the price which has already been remitted, and will cancel the charge for the transaction and will not collect any amount; excluding cancellation fees which shall not exceed 5% of the price of the merchandise, or NIS 100, whichever is the lesser.  It should be clarified and stressed that cancellation fees will be charged by the Institute.         
5)  If you have already received the merchandise, you are obligated to return it to the Institute’s offices at your own expense.         
6)  It is important to note that, in the event the merchandise has already been sent from the shop to the shipping company, you will be charged in full for shipment of the merchandise even if you have not as yet received it.          
7)  It should be clarified and stressed that cancellation of the transaction is subject to the merchandise being returned to the shop in its original wrapping, intact and/or without any maltreatment and/or damage and/or fault and/or defect of any type whatsoever.  Please note: this sub-section does not apply to merchandise and services determined under Section 14c(d) of the Consumer Protection Law.       
F.         Contents of the On-Line Shop
1.         The photographs of merchandise shown on the site are for illustration only. There may be on the site inaccuracies or errors made in good faith, and the Institute cannot bear responsibility for them and/or related thereto.           
2.         All details and information appearing in the site with respect to inventory of merchandise in the on-line shop is updated from time to time, and is accurate at the time of recording the information on the site.         
3.         There may occasionally be information and inventory status which in real time is somewhat different from that appearing on the shop’s site.  
4.         In order to remove all doubt, the Institute cannot bear responsibility for errors in printing, description of merchandise, price, payment terms, photographs or any other information related to the merchandise.        
G.        Prices 
1.         The final price which will be charged for a product on the site is the price including VAT applicable at the time of payment (18% ).      
2.         The price of the merchandise does not include shipping fees (which are determined at the time of placing of the order).      
3.         The price of shipping is subject to the Israeli post office and may be updated from time to time.       
4.         Errors and omissions excepted: Please note that the Institute makes every effort possible to record precise weights of the books and in the event of a discrepancy, the Institute cannot compensate anyone.                                                                                                                            
H.         Intellectual Property Rights     
1.         All Intellectual Property rights of the site, including its design, plan, assignments, computer code, graphic designs, photographs, videos, designs, texts, specifications and any other information on the site and/or related thereto (contents of the Institute and the on-line shop) are the sole ownership of the site and no use may be made thereof without the express consent of the management of the Institute.       
I.          Restriction of Use       
1.         It is prohibited to copy, replicate, restore, disseminate, represent, broadcast, download, advertise, update, sell, install changes and/or make any commercial use whatsoever, in any form or manner, of the contents of the site and/or the data, contents, products and/or services which are the source of the site, in whole or in part; except subject to the Terms of Use, or receipt of specific permission in advance in writing by the Institute.           
2.         No use may be made of the site and/or the contents of the site for any unlawful purposes. Any use, directly or indirectly, of any of the information in the site’s database is strictly forbidden.           
J.         Limited Liability                       
1.         The Institute is represented as is, without any undertakings and/or representations, implied or otherwise, on the part of the Institute.  The data published on the site with respect to various merchandise is by its nature only partial information and more encompassing information will be provided by the Institute to an interested party.       
2.         No information or photographs published on the site shall constitute any liability on the part of the Institute or its representative with respect to merchandise or their conformity with the requirements of the customer or their description in the site
3.         The responsibility for examining the suitability of the merchandise is vested in the customer only.    
4.         The site portrays to the customer commercial/publicity information, the source of which as stated could be the Institute or third parties.  In such events where the source is third parties, the Institute cannot verify the precision of the said information; therefore the users shall have no complaint and/or demand and/or claim against the Institute for loss, or direct or indirect damages resulting from its reliance or use of the information given, whose source is such third parties.
5.         The Institute will make every effort to maintain the accuracy of its activities; nevertheless, the Institute does not undertake that the services will not be disrupted, or will be provided without any suspension, will be done securely without any faults, and will be secure against any unauthorized access, damages, or defects, including serious defects in the program or connection
6.         The Institute has taken every reasonable measure to secure the data on the site; however, since this is online, the Institute cannot guarantee against infiltration of its computer network system, theft of data or complications and disruptions in the workings of its networks serving the site.   
7.         The users shall have no claim, complaint or demands against the Institute if despite all the precautions taken to secure the site a third party infiltrates the site’s database or makes unauthorized use thereof.          
8.         Inasmuch as the site is linked to other sites which are not operated by it, the Institute shall bear no liability with respect to any sites, programs, or information presented therefrom and the Institute shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage, whether monetary or otherwise, which may be caused to a user as a result of use or reliance on the data appearing on the sites reached through the Institute’s site. In any event, the Institute cannot bear any liability for matters not in its responsibility and/or resulting from third parties which are not in its control; and excluding the responsibility for the customer’s right to cancel the purchase, while granting a credit to your account in the amount charge (if so charged), the site shall not bear any liability towards the customer.       
K.         Privacy and Confidentiality of the Data            
1.         The data provided by you to the site is designated solely for use by the Institute and for the purposes of the site, and will be maintained in its database in accordance with the Privacy Protection Law 5741-1981.          
2.         Your consent to the Terms of Use constitutes consent to the inclusion in the site’s database as stated.        
3.         The Institute undertakes to make the utmost effort, to the best of its ability, using all means available to it, to secure the privacy of data provided by you and to prevent any possible harm thereto; nevertheless, it cannot rule out entirely any mishaps and it cannot bear liability as a result of any defects and/or complications caused thereby.       
L.         Cessation of the Site’s Operations and Changes thereto        
1.         The Institute is entitled at all times to decide to permanently or temporarily cease its activities; renew its activities, or terminate them again, all at its sole discretion.     
2.         The Institute is entitled to alter, from time to time, the Terms of Use without prior notice.      
3.         Any amended Terms of Use will be published on the site and will become valid upon publication thereof.    
M.        Jurisdiction and Applicable Law          
1.         The laws of the State of Israel shall apply to the Terms of Use of the site.     
2.         Jurisdiction shall be vested in the District Court of Jerusalem in the State of Israel.   
I have read all the above in the Terms of Use, and:
I agree                                             
To all the terms stated herein.
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